[Public] Wer möchte ein Rad1o haben?

Christopher Stumm cstumm at all-ternativ.de
So Feb 21 22:25:04 CET 2016

Hi Allerseits,

über die Mailingliste des CCC MUC für das Rad1o ging heute die u.a. Mail.

Wer Bock hat, kann sich dort ja eintragen und ein Rad1o mitbestellen.
Konditionen siehe unten.

VG Chriss

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Betreff: [rad1o] Limited Rad1o Badge production status update by efero.de
Datum: Sun, 21 Feb 2016 17:46:10 +0100
Von: Adrian Pistol <adinator1999 at gmail.com>
An: rad1o at badge.events.ccc.de

Hello dear rad1o mailing list.

We over at efero.de have decided to make a status update
regarding our custom rad1o manufacturing.

We are proud to announce that we are half way there.
50 rad1o kits got preordered/reserved/"I want this!"-ed.
Our plan is to start the whole assembly and production
once 100 kits are requested, giving us enough funds to
not go bankrupt AND have the Rad1o not cost an absolute

There is a problem however: The Rad1o Badge makes use
of the MAX15101EWL+T chip, which we can't source.

If any one of you readers have got alternatives or ways
to get a limited quantity of them, please reply.

We originally planned to get the badges assembled in China,
because we didn't get any decent offerings in Germany,
however, we have found a way to have it assembled in

Once we get the MAX15101EWL+T chip and the remaining orders
(or very close), we will get a few test units built and
check for quality or other issues.

If everything is okay, we will finally ship.

A question we received was if we would add an SD-Card Slot,
LEDs or a high pass filter.
Sadly, this is not in our plan.
We are producing mostly original rad1o badges, only
differences being the PCB has a small signature, stating
that it is from us over at efero.de, (and the eventual
PCB color).
We do however think about making kits available to
add those yourself. No ETA on that, though.

If you want a Rad1o, but haven't been able to get one at
the Camp, please reply and state that you want one.
(Or even multiple, for your local hackerspace or friends!)

Expect the price to be around 297,75 euros without
sales tax and 354,32 euros with the sales tax.
We hope this is an acceptable price for many of you.

Adrian "vifino" Pistol, efero.de.
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rad1o at badge.events.ccc.de

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