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Subject: [Vorstand] Invitation MakerFest:SummerEdition
Date: Thu, 26 Apr 2018 16:22:44 +0200
From: Marc Teusch
To: vorstand at hacksaar.de

Dear fellow hackers & makers,

My name is Marc Teusch (part of syn2cat Level2 hackerspace), and I am currently
the coordinator of the BEE CREATIVE[1] project for the ministry of education in
Luxembourg via the SCRIPT[2] team. BEE CREATIVE is a project that implements
makerspaces in schools in Luxembourg (starting from age 8 on). We currently are
counting 30 makerspaces nationwide and our network is spreading. Every year, we
organise a large MakerFest event where the public (and students) can attend (for
free) scientific and tech workshops, talks and demonstrations.

With this email, I’d like to invite you and your FabLab to participate in our
yearly MakerFest:SummerEdition which will take place from June 21st to 22nd,
2018 at Lycée Vauban in Gasperich[3]. During these 2 days, we will offer
workshops, talks and demonstrations which will trigger youngsters’ interest in
science and technology. These workshops should attract kids starting from 8
years up to 20 years of age. Our goal is to present the makerspace movement and
maker scene of Luxembourg and its surroundings by showing off some cool stuff to
the public. The main topic of this summer event will be “Making great things for

We expect around 3000 visitors during these 2 days and I believe that it would
be a great opportunity to have you amongst our exhibitors. We can offer you a
(free) booth plus your staff can have access to free lunch and drinks during the
event. It would be an honour for us to have you with the MakerFest and be a part
of our science campaign that we run.

For your convenience, I’ve attached the Call For Papers to this email and should
you have any further question, do not hesitate to contact me directly.

I really hope that this event interests you and your FabLab, and we would really
enjoy and be honoured to count you amongst our exhibitors.

I hope to hear from you, and until then, I present you my best regards.

[1] www.bee-creative.lu - www.makerspace.lu
[2] www.script.lu
[3] 1-3 rue Albert Einstein L-1484 Luxembourg/Gasperich

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Call for papers MakerFest:Summer Edition

Who are we?
BEE CREATIVE[1] is a initiative of the Luxembourgish Ministry of Education, coordinated by SCRIPT[2] and SNJ[3], to develop makerspaces and bring the maker movement to schools and daycare structures in Luxembourg.
Started in 2014, the BEE CREATIVE project sums up to 20 makerspaces in secondary schools, 6 makerspaces in primary school environments and over 200 enthusiastic makers providing support for the latter.

Every year, BEE CREATIVE organises a large faire where school populations and the large public can get in direct contact with maker workshops, talks and experiments. 
During these so-called MakerFests, the main objective is to raise awareness and passion for science, technology and making in general, specially for children starting from 10 years of age.

Every year, we try to find a theme which we can attribute our MakerFest to.
As 2018 has the flavour of exploring outer earth regions, we will dedicate our MakerFest:SummerEdition accordingly to the theme of space exploration. As such, our theme will be

		"Making great things for space"

As this MakerFest is an opportunity to bring all makers of Luxembourg and its surroundings together in one large happening, we would like to invite you and your association to this years' edition! In fact, we can offer you the possibility to have your own booth for showing off experiments, engaging visitors in a workshop or passionate our students with a state of the art talk. The only restriction is that we do not allow sales on any of the booths except for food or drinks. You are allowed, however, to bring flyers, visit cards, posters or any other kind of advertisement you like to distribute on site.

As such, we would love to hear from you and the activity/ies you would like to offer to our expected 2000 visitors. During the event, you and your staff can profit from free lunch and drinks, and your booth will come for no charge. Furthermore, we offer you a direct contact with our makerspace population to exchange ideas and get support for your project(s). Sounds interesting? Then please fill out the section below and send back your papers until May 11, 12:00 latest.

MakerFest:SummerEdition details
The MakerFest:SummerEdition will take place at Lycée Vauban in Gasperich[4]
from Thursday, June 21st (8:00 - 18:00) until Friday, June 22nd (8:00 - 16:00).

Buildup will be possible from Wednesday afternoon on starting at 14:00 until later in the evening (exact hour to be determined)

-Activity form-
Please fill in the following section and send it back to us until May 11, 2018 12:00 (noon) (latest)

Organisation name			_______________________
Your name and last name		_______________________
Your contact email			_______________________
Title of your activity	 	_______________________
(please fill one per activity should you want to do more)
Small note on what the activity is
Age restrictions		______________________________
Please note that the maximum time frame for an activity would be 40-45 minutes. Should you need more time, we can offer you 2 times slots bringing it up to 90 minutes max.

Thank you for your time and interest and we hope to hear from you soon. Should you have any more questions, please send us an email or drop us a line at +352 81 92 01 504.

Make on,

Links & references
[1] : http://www.bee-creative.lu
[2] : http://www.script.lu
[3] : http://www.snj.lu
[4] : https://goo.gl/maps/SDy6M6fazf82
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Marc Teusch				-	marc.teusch at ltett.lu
 Prof.-Ing. en Informatique	-	  LTEttelbruck
   BEE Creative makerspaces -     Coordinateur du projet 
"You promised me Mars colonies.
			Instead, I got Facebook."
						Buzz Aldrin (nov 2012)
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